Samsung Messages is sending photos without permission. Yes, all of them


KOREAN BEHEMOTH OF MOBILE Samsung is reportedly rushing to fix a bug in its messaging service which is causing photos to be sent without the user asking.

The Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Note 8 have all shown evidence of the glitch, which is causing the Samsung Messages app to send photos – sometimes one, sometimes the entire ruddy gallery – on, sometimes before you’ve even noticed it’s happening.

Here’s the really scary bit – you might not even know it has happened, unless the recipient is honest about it with you, and given some of the stuff you store of your smartphone (we all know, we are everywhere), that could lead to some slightly, erm, awkward conversations.

If you want to check if it has already happened to you, take a look at the log files for your device in your phone account. That’s the easy bit – it’s not showing up in message history on devices, but your carrier will still be delighted to bill you for it, so that’s a good place to start.

That’s not to say that it’s a carrier issue, by the way, it looks like a bug in the most recent update of the app. And it’s not the first time that Samsung Messages has borked either.

The slight problem there is that Samsung hasn’t actually officially acknowledged the problem yet. Until it does, we won’t be able to get the extent of the problem, nor how long it thinks it will take to fix. In the meantime, friendships and even relationships are at risk of being damaged by a world of unsolicited dinkle photography.

If you want to workaround until there’s a fix, go into the permissions for Samsung Messages (in the settings menu of the phone) and turn off the phone’s permission to access the storage from your phone. That should nip it straight in the bud.

INQ gives it about a week before someone sues Samsung for sending unsolicited dinkle pics. Ambulance-chasing lawyers, start your engines.

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