FTP For Mobile User Download FTP Manager Free


Hi Everyone in Article we show you how to ftp access from your cellphone. easyly enjoying your web carriers. i’m use ftpmanager for my iphone i recommend for you it’s better app from other ftp apps let’s begin what have future available in this app guys step by step ftp for mobile .

FTP For Mobile User Download FTP Manager Free

1. First Must Have Any Smart Phone Android or iphone and anyother smart phone.

2. download from playstore or appstore playstore for android user and appstore for iphone user “Just Search FTPMANAGER look this same icon green icon free version bule icon pro version FTP For Mobile User Download FTP Manager Free

3.Click Install Button Fre Version or Paid Version your choice

download for android

download for iphone

4.open the app enter your ftp user name password and ftp server name

5. go your website cpanel create one ftp account

then create ftp account use your ftp user name password ftp directory must have select public_html for all future then click create ftp account

After go bottom of the same page ftp page look list your ftp account

click configure ftp client follow bottom of manual settings

6.Don’t close the page go your recently downloaded app like FTPMANAGER click plus button top of the app right corner

7.Now select FTP

8.Type your website name, host name , port not need path empty this box

Display Name: your website name

Host or ip name: yoursite.com

port: go your ftp manual setting and look you port then type

path: don’t need just leave it

protocol: don’t need just leave it

ok and don’t touch other settings

9. scroll down login as…

enter your user name

and password

copy from your ftp recently created frp account manual settings

user name like: ftp1@yoursite.com

password: your recently created ftp account password

10. just hit save look top right corner

congratulations your your ftpmanager successfully saved

11.now go connection and hit your ftp account

and enjoy it!!!🙏😆

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